Art #1 Model Making

So I have mentioned before that I was a design student. For one of my project I had to do a project on Aqueducts.

  • Aqueduct (bridge), a bridge that is constructed to convey water over an obstacle, such as a ravine or valley (Got this from Wikipedia)

I made a model of one of those Ancient Rome aqueduct from foam and boards. It took me a few hours to finish it all but I do love the end result and I got a really good mark for that presentation because I was pretty passionate about it haha! I do so love history!

I tried to do individual bricks at first but I took me way too long to do that so I decided to just score the foam and then paint it with shades of brown.



I couldn’t finish it in time so I decided to just not show the back! This project didn’t even need a model, my group just did it for extra points!




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