Diary #3 Pokemon Cafe



I went with a friend to a Pokemon Pop-up Cafe in Singapore last month. It was located in Bugis Junction. It’s no longer open though cause it was only there for a few months! You won’t believe how long the queue was during the day it was opened. People had to wait for hours just to get a seat!

I didn’t go cause I don’t like crowd or queuing and also I was busy with college. I went during the last week of the cafe instead haha. There were definitely less people there, hence we immediately got a seat.

So I ordered these 2 items on the menu! I don’t remember what these were called but the drink was some citrus-y soda drink and because I wasn’t hungry I ordered jellies! I’m pretty sure the Pokeball contained white chocolate. It was really sweet hahaha my poor teeth.

In total this cost around $20 (Singapore Dollar).

Travel #3 Prambanan


A few months ago I went to visit a site called Candi Prambanan (Candi means Temple). It’s a religious and historical site located in Indonesia; specifically in Central Java, approximately 17 kilometres (11 mi) northeast of the city of Yogyakarta. It is a 9th century temple compound dedicated to the Trimurti, the expression of God as the Creator (Brahma), the Preserver (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva).


It is the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia and one of the largest in South East Asia. It is a must-go-to tourist spot when you visit Yogyakarta! It’s beautiful and breath-taking. It’s really crowded and hot though so beware of that. Do bring some water or wear a hat here if you’re not used to tropical heat.


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Art #1 Model Making

So I have mentioned before that I was a design student. For one of my project I had to do a project on Aqueducts.

  • Aqueduct (bridge), a bridge that is constructed to convey water over an obstacle, such as a ravine or valley (Got this from Wikipedia)

I made a model of one of those Ancient Rome aqueduct from foam and boards. It took me a few hours to finish it all but I do love the end result and I got a really good mark for that presentation because I was pretty passionate about it haha! I do so love history!

I tried to do individual bricks at first but I took me way too long to do that so I decided to just score the foam and then paint it with shades of brown.



I couldn’t finish it in time so I decided to just not show the back! This project didn’t even need a model, my group just did it for extra points!



Cosplay #1 Jack Frost

So last year for Anime Festival Asia 2015 (AFA15) in Singapore I went as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. I love this movie so much! I am already planning to cosplay another version of Jack as it is haha 😀

Most of the time I actually buy my costumes cause I don’t have the time nor skill to make one myself. I am learning though so I might be able to do that in the future. I do love making my own props though and so I decided to make Jack’s staff my self. Here are some of the progress photos! I made these 2 staffs for me and my friend (she went as GB!Jack).

I forgot to take proper pictures of everything and ended up with just photos I sent my friend through out the process. This hoodie took me an hour to paint because I have to wait for it to dry to add more frosts. Pants took me only a few minutes because I got frustrated with my tiny brush and decided to use those 5 cm brushes haha 😀

The staff took me almost a week to make. I used the paper mache technique so it needed some time to dry up! And also I was actually busy running here and there for the other costumes because I went to the event for 3 days with 3 different costumes and props!

  1. I measured the sticks (because I could only find the 1 m ones so I had to cut them up) to comparison with my height (if that stick looks short it’s because I’m short).
  2. Stick them uppp! I left it to dry for 1 day and then I wrapped the connected part with tapes and before that I used 2 acrylic sticks to strengthen them.
  3. I measured cardboard tubes for the crooked top part of the staff! and stick them all up with tape.
  4. And then it’s paper mache time!
  5. And then painting.


I wanted to make it light up so I used some fairy lights and hot glued it onto the staff. I didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but hey at least it’s something!

Any tips on what I should do if I were to redo this?

Travel #2 Garden By The Bay

So a year back I went to Garden by the bay in Singapore! For those of you who don’t know where Singapore is, it’s located in South East Asia (not China). Yes, it’s that tiny island. It’s a beautiful place though.


I was there with my family and it’s a really beautiful tourist spot. It was really crowded so it was rather difficult to take pictures! But we did indeed took some. It’s an indoor flower dome! It’s really huge and I took some flower shoots there.

Diary #2 Dark

I live in a city filled with lights day and night. After 10pm though it does get rather scary (at least for me). Being a girl who is actually kinda scared of dark it wasn’t ideal being a design student.

I used to have to do a lot of works at college and ended up coming home at midnight. It was really scary for me, especially when I have to cross over an overbridge (to cross the road). I used to live at an area with a lot of old big tress and that certainly wasn’t helping.

This was the overbridge that I dreaded so much back then.

This was the traffic around 9pm

Travel #1

They were doing some kind of fisherman dance.

They were in a line at the side of the lake and each of them were wearing traditional clothings with lights on! There are hundreds of them I think.

So I went to China for a holiday last year and we went to this lake in a village for a show. It was quite impressive! There were so many people in the show itself! That’s the lake as the background and so many light show. It was cold though haha.

I must have taken so much effort for them to perform something like this! I took a video for this and all. I think I’ll post it some time in the future haha