Art #1 Model Making

So I have mentioned before that I was a design student. For one of my project I had to do a project on Aqueducts.

  • Aqueduct (bridge), a bridge that is constructed to convey water over an obstacle, such as a ravine or valley (Got this from Wikipedia)

I made a model of one of those Ancient Rome aqueduct from foam and boards. It took me a few hours to finish it all but I do love the end result and I got a really good mark for that presentation because I was pretty passionate about it haha! I do so love history!

I tried to do individual bricks at first but I took me way too long to do that so I decided to just score the foam and then paint it with shades of brown.



I couldn’t finish it in time so I decided to just not show the back! This project didn’t even need a model, my group just did it for extra points!




Drawing #1 Cute Pokemon

I know this new pokemon is not that new anymore, but it’s just so adorable! Have you seen that tiny thing? Look at that face! Well, me and my friend has been planning to make pokemon stickers and all but I am not exactly good at drawing haha. It has been awhile. So I tried to draw Mimikyu (is that its name again?)!