Cosplay #1 Jack Frost

So last year for Anime Festival Asia 2015 (AFA15) in Singapore I went as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. I love this movie so much! I am already planning to cosplay another version of Jack as it is haha 😀

Most of the time I actually buy my costumes cause I don’t have the time nor skill to make one myself. I am learning though so I might be able to do that in the future. I do love making my own props though and so I decided to make Jack’s staff my self. Here are some of the progress photos! I made these 2 staffs for me and my friend (she went as GB!Jack).

I forgot to take proper pictures of everything and ended up with just photos I sent my friend through out the process. This hoodie took me an hour to paint because I have to wait for it to dry to add more frosts. Pants took me only a few minutes because I got frustrated with my tiny brush and decided to use those 5 cm brushes haha 😀

The staff took me almost a week to make. I used the paper mache technique so it needed some time to dry up! And also I was actually busy running here and there for the other costumes because I went to the event for 3 days with 3 different costumes and props!

  1. I measured the sticks (because I could only find the 1 m ones so I had to cut them up) to comparison with my height (if that stick looks short it’s because I’m short).
  2. Stick them uppp! I left it to dry for 1 day and then I wrapped the connected part with tapes and before that I used 2 acrylic sticks to strengthen them.
  3. I measured cardboard tubes for the crooked top part of the staff! and stick them all up with tape.
  4. And then it’s paper mache time!
  5. And then painting.


I wanted to make it light up so I used some fairy lights and hot glued it onto the staff. I didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but hey at least it’s something!

Any tips on what I should do if I were to redo this?