Diary #3 Pokemon Cafe



I went with a friend to a Pokemon Pop-up Cafe in Singapore last month. It was located in Bugis Junction. It’s no longer open though cause it was only there for a few months! You won’t believe how long the queue was during the day it was opened. People had to wait for hours just to get a seat!

I didn’t go cause I don’t like crowd or queuing and also I was busy with college. I went during the last week of the cafe instead haha. There were definitely less people there, hence we immediately got a seat.

So I ordered these 2 items on the menu! I don’t remember what these were called but the drink was some citrus-y soda drink and because I wasn’t hungry I ordered jellies! I’m pretty sure the Pokeball contained white chocolate. It was really sweet hahaha my poor teeth.

In total this cost around $20 (Singapore Dollar).

Diary #2 Dark

I live in a city filled with lights day and night. After 10pm though it does get rather scary (at least for me). Being a girl who is actually kinda scared of dark it wasn’t ideal being a design student.

I used to have to do a lot of works at college and ended up coming home at midnight. It was really scary for me, especially when I have to cross over an overbridge (to cross the road). I used to live at an area with a lot of old big tress and that certainly wasn’t helping.

This was the overbridge that I dreaded so much back then.

This was the traffic around 9pm

Drawing #1 Cute Pokemon

I know this new pokemon is not that new anymore, but it’s just so adorable! Have you seen that tiny thing? Look at that face! Well, me and my friend has been planning to make pokemon stickers and all but I am not exactly good at drawing haha. It has been awhile. So I tried to draw Mimikyu (is that its name again?)!