Diary #3 Pokemon Cafe



I went with a friend to a Pokemon Pop-up Cafe in Singapore last month. It was located in Bugis Junction. It’s no longer open though cause it was only there for a few months! You won’t believe how long the queue was during the day it was opened. People had to wait for hours just to get a seat!

I didn’t go cause I don’t like crowd or queuing and also I was busy with college. I went during the last week of the cafe instead haha. There were definitely less people there, hence we immediately got a seat.

So I ordered these 2 items on the menu! I don’t remember what these were called but the drink was some citrus-y soda drink and because I wasn’t hungry I ordered jellies! I’m pretty sure the Pokeball contained white chocolate. It was really sweet hahaha my poor teeth.

In total this cost around $20 (Singapore Dollar).