First blog post

So this is my first blog post! Hi there whoever is reading this right now! Wish you all the best for today!

So I decided long ago to start a blog, but as my name suggest, I am indeed pretty lazy. I procrastinate so much a few years have passed. I did started some small blogs previously on tumblr and all but they didn’t last cause I lost interest and got busy with college works. Now that I finally graduated from college I want to start to blog again. Who knows, perhaps this time around my blog would actually last and actually get noticed.

I am an design course graduate so most of the stuffs I post will probably be related to art. I also love literature and photography. I have lost touch with writing for so long, so I want to start again. Hopefully my writing will actually improves. I used to write fanfictions on but I stopped after I got busy studying abroad. It was difficult back then to balance everything as I was only 15. Now that I am already 20 and working, I can finally come back to this hobby.

As for photography, I have an instagram account where I uploads tons of photos that I have taken either with some pro cameras or mostly just a small digital camera and my phone.

I also do cosplay so you might see some posts about that! I’m going to start prop-making again this year. Last year of college really took me away from most of my hobby. But hey I survived so it’s alright!

For those who didn’t read the homepage or maybe you’re reading this after I have changed it, I am using someone else’s laptop to make this blog haha! I don’t have any of my files that I can post from this laptop so that would have to be in the next post.

Have a good day and good bye! Muach~